Discretionary COVID-19 business grants

The District Council has given out nearly £15 million in COVID-19 grants to businesses across the district.

In line with Government guidance, all COVID-19 grant schemes administered by the Council have now ended and no new applications will be considered.

All applicants have now been notified of the outcome of their grant application.

There is no appeals process if your grant claim was unsuccessful (see below for full details).


How were decisions made?

All applications were assessed against a scoring criteria which determined whether they received a grant and how much grant funding was awarded.

To find out more, please read our Discretionary Grant Policy (pdf, 781kb)


Can I appeal?

The Council accepts no responsibility for any business that does not receive a grant for whatever reason, and there is no appeals process in relation to grant awards/non-awards or grant levels.

Even if applicants are eligible and apply/provide all evidence, there is no guarantee they will receive a grant and applicants will have no reason for recourse should they not be awarded a grant.

Anyone who does not apply, regardless of whether they could have been eligible, will have no claim to a grant/and have reason for recourse.

To find out more, please read our Discretionary Grant Policy (pdf, 781kb)


More information

To find out more please download our Discretionary Grant Policy (pdf, 781kb)