What we don't treat


Bees are one of the most important species of insect on the planet. Without them the flowering plants in our homes and gardens would not get pollinated and our agricultural industry would be ruined.

Because they are so important, we do not treat for bees

Many residents mistake harmless bees as being wasps. Due to the high number of visits we make when bees are wrongly identified as wasps, we charge for callouts.

We would recommend that unless they are causing great distress, bumblebee nests should be left alone.

You can check out the bee/wasp identifier here (pdf, 164kb).

If you cannot live with them then help is available. Visit Buzz About Bees - Help me get rid of bees for advice.

Local beekeepers will only come out and remove swarms of honeybees. They will not remove or treat for solitary bees or bumblebees. If you have a swarm, contact Burton Beekeepers Association or Derbyshire Beekeepers Association.


Unfortunately, we do not treat ants.

For advice and to find a professional to help deal with pests such as bed bugs, beetles, fleas, flies, foxes, lice and squirrels visit the British Pest Control Association website.