What we do

We set out our aims in our Corporate Plan, in which we make a commitment to providing a 'cleaner, greener' environment.

A new structure for managing our environmental impact has been put in place, which now includes all our major sites:

  • Civic Offices
  • Darklands Depot
  • Green Bank Leisure Centre
  • Etwall Leisure Centre
  • Rosliston Forestry Centre

Our certification to the ISO 14001 standard demonstrates that we have an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place which ensures continual improvement of our environmental performance.

We must identify and assess all the areas of our work which can have an impact on the environment, then ensure that measures are in place to address them. This means documenting our methods of assessing impacts, measuring key environmental aspects and checking that current processes are up to the job.

All of this work is externally verified as a green seal of approval

Further information about our approach can be found in our Environmental Policy. (pdf, 234kb)