What we do

We set out our aims in our Corporate Plan, in which our key priority is “Our Environment” to ensure we Improve the Environment of the District, Tackle Climate Change and enhance the attractiveness of South Derbyshire.

Since 2007 the council has been accredited to an International Environmental Management System (EMS) called ISO 14001. This certification demonstrates that we have identified and assessed all the areas of our work which can have an impact on the environment and put in measures are in place to address them.

The EMS is setup around our leaderships environmental commitment which can be found in the SDDC Environment Policy (pdf, 232kb).

To ensure we continually improve the way we work, we regularly review our environmental performance.

Our EMS is called STEMS, it provides processes on how we manage our sites and our the activities we undertake across the district:

  • Civic Offices
  • Boardman Depot
  • Green Bank Leisure Centre
  • Etwall Leisure Centre
  • Rosliston Forestry Centre

Most recently South Derbyshire Declared a Climate Emergency on 27th June 2019.

For further information to learn about our declaration, the impact of climate emergency and nature crisis in the South Derbyshire and the UK, please read our “Climate and Environment Strategy.”