What you can do

There’s a lot of things you can do to help protect the environment. Here's just a few:

Make your home energy efficient

Energy efficiency in the home can save you money, keep you warm, improve your health and help the environment. For free impartial advice about saving energy in your home, contact the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 123 1234. Its website has a wide range of useful information, including energy saving products, home improvements and generating your own energy.

Plant trees

Carbon dioxide is the most important (although not the only) greenhouse gas. Trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, so they directly contribute to reducing climate change. Each year we run our own free tree planting scheme where we give away free trees suitable for gardens to help people in South Derbyshire do their bit for the environment.

We have also created a mile of lime trees in Rosliston under the Lime Avenue Project.


Decomposing waste in landfills produces methane and other even more powerful greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide. Waste also requires energy to manufacture in the first place. Recycling metal, plastic, glass and paper lowers greenhouse gas emissions, as recycled items take far less energy to manufacture than items produced from scratch.

Reduce your water use

Saving water reduces the amount of energy used. At home, turn off water immediately whenever you're not using it and repair or replace leaky taps and toilets. In your garden you can capture rainwater to water the garden. You can landscape with plants and grasses that require less water.


Get involved in environmental volunteering in South Derbyshire.