Your tenancy agreement

Housing tenancy fraud

We have a duty to ensure that our homes are let fairly and we are working hard to track down housing tenancy fraudsters.

Types of housing tenancy fraud include:

  • Fraudulently obtaining a tenancy by providing false information about housing needs, circumstances or identity in applications for housing
  • Unlawful sub-letting of all or part of a Council-owned property
  • Tenants not using their Council house as their principle home and living elsewhere. This includes instances where a tenant abandons their Council house
  • Wrongly claimed succession of a tenancy following the death or vacation of a tenant
  • Transferring the letting agreement of a house to another tenant without our consent

Reporting fraud

Your help in reporting housing tenancy fraud is important because you can see what is going on in your neighbourhood.

  • You might know that someone has another home that we don’t know about
  • You might know that someone has given false information to get a Council house
  • You might suspect someone of Housing fraud, having seen them collect rent from your neighbours
  • You might be suspicious because the tenant of a property keeps changing

If you think someone is living in a Council home without the right to be there, report this to us. The information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Report housing fraud
Tell us as much information as possible, no matter how small the detail might be. The more information we have, the better the chance of a successful investigation.

We will look at every single report of suspected fraud that we receive