Choosing a builder

Choosing your builder is probably the most important decision you will make when you are carrying out building work.

One of the best ways to choose a builder is to get a recommendation from someone you trust. There is also the website Trustmark, which is supported by the Government. 

We recommend that you thoroughly check out any builder before employing them.

  • Replacing windows and doors
     Building regulations apply when replacing windows and doors in an existing building. If the company you are using is FENSA Registered you do not need to submit a Building Regulation application, as the installers ‘self-certify’ the work and issue a Completion Certificate.
  • Public sewers
     The consent of Severn Trent Water needs to be obtained if you are proposing to build over or close to a public sewer. Information on the position of public sewers is available from them.
  • Private sewers
     You will need to check your deeds for any restrictions that may apply to building over common drains or private sewers.
  • Boundaries
     The Government explains how to prevent and resolve disputes in relation to property boundaries and excavations near neighbouring buildings.
  • Trees
     Care should be taken when working close to trees to protect them and to ensure that action is taken to protect old and new foundations of nearby buildings.
  • Garden walls
     Building Regulations do not apply to freestanding garden walls. However, if a retaining wall is within four metres (12ft) of the highway and higher than 1.37 metres (4ft 6in) then details need to be approved by the Planning and Highways departments.