Completions and new homes warranty

Completion certificates

A completion certificate is a document confirming we are satisfied that work carried out complies with building regulations. It is not the same as a guarantee or warranty.

If any work has not been completed to the necessary standard, further site visits may be required before a completion certificate can be issued.

Once a certificate has been issued you should keep it safe - if you sell your property you may be asked to produce it as evidence of any alterations made.

If work was completed without the necessary building regulations permission you will need to make a Regularisation Application.

If the work was not inspected for completion and no completion certificate was issued, there will be a fee for resurrecting the original case file.

A reference number must be provided with the appropriate fee. You can use the Building Control Register to help find the reference number.

Completion certificates were not provided on work that started before June 1, 1992. 

Copies or replacements of completion certificates can be provided by contacting our Building Control team.

New homes warranty

LABC New Home Warranty (LABC NHW) is the Local Authority Building Control's (LABC) business partner, providing 10 year structural warranties and specialist developer services to ensure you are fulfilling the building requirements for any development, as well as saving you time and money.