If you intend to demolish a building of more than 50 cubic metres, under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984, you must give us notice by filling in section 80 of the demolition application form (pdf, 400kb) and paying the relevant administration fee (£60).

You may not start demolition until:

  • you have submitted section 80 of the application and received our counter notice under Section 81 and complied with the conditions in it or
  • six weeks have passed since you gave us notice under Section 80

You must also give notice to:

  • the occupier of any building adjacent to the proposed demolition and
  • the service providers - 'statutory undertakers' e.g. Western Power, Transco, British Gas

You must not demolish a listed building or any part of it. Nor must you demolish any buildings in a Conservation Area unless you have planning permission for the demolition.

Our Planning department requires 28 days’ notification of the demolition of any house not in a Conservation Area 

The Health and Safety Executive provides full details of the legal duties associated with carrying out a demolition, including codes of practice for demolition and the removal of asbestos.

Before you demolish a building, it is vital that you consider whether bats are likely to be living there, because all British bat species are protected by law.

If you have any concerns about pollution caused by the demolition of a building, contact our Environmental Health department.