Notifications to inspect building work

You will need to notify Building Control when you start work and at certain stages.

Using your application, the Building Control Surveyor will prepare an Inspection Notification Plan (INP). The INP will detail the minimum number of notifications we expect you should make, but more might be added as the work progresses.

The INP will be sent with either the Building Notice Acceptance or the Full Plans Acknowledgement.

The Building Control Surveyor will only be able to issue a Completion Certificate if the agreed notification stages have been carried out satisfactorily and the relevant information has been provided

It is most likely that you will need the certificate to enable any future sale of your property.

We will make every effort to carry out inspections without delay to keep your building work moving.

Request a site inspection

Failure to give notice

Building work undertaken without notice being given is a contravention of building regulations and we may need such work to be opened up. Similar requests can be made if you don't keep us up to date on your progress.

Always keep your Building Control Surveyor fully informed