Land and property searches

Personal search

A personal search is an inspection of the Local Land Charges Register and can be carried out by any member of the public, a solicitor or a personal search agent

It allows access to limited property information and is not as comprehensive as the information given on a full authority (LLC1 and CON 29) search. The inspection is free of charge and needs to be carried out in person at Council Offices by appointment.

Making an appointment

Appointment times to access the Land Charges Register Portal at the Civic Offices are:

  • 11am to 4pm on Monday to Thursday
  • 11am to 3.30pm on Friday

Six personal searches can be carried out per day by a personal searcher.

Personal searchers should note there is no right to copy information using, for example, a camera, mobile phone, digital pen or USB memory stick. This would be a breach of copyright under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

To book an appointment email or telephone the Land Charges team on 01283 595851 or 01283 595732.

Details of the person or company carrying out the Personal Search, the address of the search site and a detailed plan should be provided.

Information available

  • Planning Register - portal in reception area
  • Building Control Register - portal in reception area (for copies of Planning and Building Control regulation decisions, contact the relevant department for fee schedule)
  • Public Sewer Maps - portal in reception area. More detailed information can be obtained by telephoning Severn Trent Water on 0115 9627269
  • Requests for information relating to highways should be directed to Derbyshire County Council by telephoning 01629 538650.

Inspecting the register

When you arrive at the Civic Offices at the time of your appointment, report to the main reception, where you will be directed to the register you want to search.