Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

The three local authorities of Amber Valley Borough Council, Derby City Council and South Derbyshire District Council, along with Derbyshire County Council, published an update of the Housing Market Area Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) in November 2012.

A SHLAA is an assessment of land which is available or could become available for housing development. The document assesses the suitability, availability and viability of sites as well as assessing how many houses could be built on them and when they might be built. It also identifies constraints to development which may need to be overcome. All local authorities are required to produce SHLAAs and periodically update them.

The assessment covers the three local authority areas that make up the Derby Housing Market Area and was prepared in partnership, with representatives from planning consultants, land and property agents and developers. The final report was endorsed by the Derby Housing Market Area Local Housing Partnership made up of a combination of local authority and private sector representatives.

The SHLAA can be viewed on the Derbyshire County Council website.

We will not be considering new SHLAA sites for the Local Plan Part 2. However, if you wish to provide any further information relating to a site in the SHLAA or suggest a new SHLAA site, complete the form below.

For existing sites, ensure that you quote the site reference. Do not submit information that you have already submitted before - we are looking only for updated or new information.

For new sites, use the guidance notes (doc, 28kb) to complete the SHLAA form.