Scary Halloween facts

Halloween waste Halloween waste

Are you hosting or going to a Halloween party over the next few days?

Did you know Halloween can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to the environment?

Last year 39 million people in the UK took part in Halloween activity, some of it not very environmentally friendly; by making a few changes, people could save themselves some money and help the planet.

Why not do Halloween differently? Here are a few ideas to consider.

Seven million Halloween costumes went in the bin in 2016! Why not reuse or create something from garments you already have – plenty of helpful tips at #Sewspooky DIY Skeleton

You can’t have Halloween without a pumpkin. The UK buys eight million a year, but 18,000 tonnes of edible pumpkin flesh ends up in the bin. Why not turn your post-carvings into a protein rich salt, soup and so much more – support Eat well waste less

The discarded pumpkins are the same weight as 1,500 double decker buses! Find out more at

If the UK did Halloween differently, we could save 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste, equivalent to 83m bottles, that will be generated from throwaway Halloween clothing sold this year.

Think about all those treats too – there’s lots of plastic waste associated with sweets. Why not make you own - for lots of recipes to impress your guests click here!

Have a spooktacular time everyone!

31 October 2019