The Corporate Plan 2020-2024 (pdf, 610kb) sets out our values and vision for South Derbyshire and defines our priorities for delivering services.

We have identified our three key priorities as: Our Environment, Our People, Our Future. Our plan seeks to ensure that our District remains a great place to live, visit and invest.

The Corporate Plan does not cover everything that we do, but instead focuses on the issues that are most important to residents, on national priorities set by the government and on the opportunities and challenges resulting from the changing social, economic and environmental aspects of our District.

As well as enabling effective monitoring and leading our performance management, it links our strategic priorities and objectives directly to the activities of each service area through annual Service Plans, which can be found in the Documents section to the right of the page.

Our key successes are recorded on a quarterly basis (pdf, 285kb) and in our Annual Report 2018/19. (pdf, 5.9mb)

We've also developed standards on our key services to ensure residents know what they can expect from us.The policies cover these areas:

Our Corporate Equalities and Safeguarding Annual Report (pdf, 611kb) highlights what we have done to meet the Equality Duty (part of the Equality Act 2010) and how we have continued to play our part in helping to make society fairer by tackling discrimination and providing equality for all. You can also view our Corporate Equalities and Safeguarding Action Plan 2019 2020 (pdf, 42kb) here.