Dangerous parking at Foremark Reservoir

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Visitors to Foremark Reservoir are being reminded of safe parking practices after a large number of cars were parked dangerously.

Dozens of vehicles were seen parked on the Repton Road – a 60mph road with a solid white lane marking - meaning overtaking is not allowed.

Sergeant Emma Marshall, said:

“The official car park for the reservoir was full today and drivers have then taken it upon themselves to park on the road.

“Parking in this manner is hugely dangerous to both those drivers and other road users.

“If your vehicle is seen in a situation such as that shown then you can expect a fine and three points on your licence.

“And if the parking is so dangerous then your vehicle may be towed.

“I understand that people are wanting to get out and exercise but if a car park is full then you should find somewhere else to go – not park in a manner that could cause a serious collision.”

28 May 2020