Food hygiene questionnaire

To reduce the burden of inspection on small businesses who traditionally only handle low risk foods and to promote self-regulation, we have a questionnaire to enable these businesses to provide information about their food safety measures.

If we have contacted you to ask you to complete these forms we have already decided that you are relatively low risk. An inspection will not normally occur. The information you provide will help us target our resources and may also prompt you to consider food safety matters relevant to your business.

Self-inspection form

To assist us to target our resources we ask you to complete the self-inspection form.

If you have been asked to participate and you do not submit the form, an inspector will visit your business to obtain the information.

A sample of those submitting a completed questionnaire will be visited to check the information provided is accurate

If you are no longer operating a food business, contact us so that we can update our records.

If you are unsure about the questionnaire or have any other queries about food hygiene, email us at You can also like our South Derbyshire Environmental Health Facebook page for regular updates.

Food hygiene questionnaire