Lime Avenue project

Rosliston’s horse chestnut avenue, known affectionately as ‘Conker Alley', is a local landmark on Burton Road, Rosliston. Sadly, some of the trees have been affected by disease and some are dying of old age.

Following discussions between the landowners and Derbyshire County Council, it was decided that affected trees should be replaced with small-leaf lime trees.

Rosliston Community Group was keen to retain the idea of an ‘avenue', so a decision was made to try to create a lime avenue to grow up between the remaining horse chestnuts and gradually take over from them.

Rolls-Royce plc adopted it as a community project in 2012/13, with support from landowners, the Forestry Commission, the National Forest Company and SDDC a new mile long avenue of small-leaf lime trees was created.

The new avenue starts at Spring Farm Cottages, incorporates the original half mile of Conker Alley and extends another half mile along Burton Road past Rosliston Forestry Centre to the end of Walton Lane, Rosliston.   

Young trees do need some care and ours are marked by tags or wooden shelters so that contractors doing hedge-cutting work do not accidentally trim the tops off them. This means that overhanging vegetation has to be trimmed back by hand each year so that light can get to the new trees.

Further information is available by emailing our Environmental Education team at or by telephoning 01283 535039.


  • Tree planting
  • Volunteer work