Air quality

We only monitor nitrogen dioxide (NO2), as studies show that the levels of the other pollutants in South Derbyshire will not be near the limits set. 

We have responsibility for measuring air quality to ensure it meets the required standards

Monitoring is carried out using diffusion tubes, which give an average reading of pollution in the area they are situated. The locations of our monitors are set out on the map below.

Data is used to assess changes in air quality year-to-year and determine if EU standards are being met. We publish the Annual Air Quality Report (pdf, 1.3mb) which is submitted to and approved by central Government.

We’ve also made detailed technical studies in Repton and Overseal into the possibility of air quality exceeding the EU standards. These studies concluded that EU standards were being met. Copies of the reports can be found below.


Air quality monitors in South Derbyshire