Apply for a garage

During the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, you can still apply to join the waiting list for a house or garage. We will continue to allocate homes to new tenants.  We are not currently allocating garages. 

We let and manage Council-owned garages, which can be available for rent at competitive rates. Garages are for personal private use only and not for commercial activities.

Anyone can apply to rent a Council garage or garage plot, but we give priority to Council tenants.

You will not be offered a garage or garage plot if you have rent arrears

To apply for a garage or garage plot, complete an application online or download the garage application form (pdf, 70kb) and return to us in the post. You will be put on the waiting list and we will advise you when your turn is reached.

Apply for a garage
Garages cost £8.53 per week for our tenants and £10.24 for private tenants and leaseholders.

Garage plots are £1.10 per week for our tenants and £1.32 for private tenants and leaseholders.

All Council-owned garages are to be used for the sole purpose of parking your vehicle and not as a storage facility.

We require 28 days’ notice, in writing, if you want to give up your garage. When you give us back the keys the garage should be empty and swept through. We will charge you if we have to clear it.


Where garage rent arrears rise to an unacceptable level or an account is in arrears for too long, we may decide to repossess the garage.

Unlike houses and flats, we do not have to apply to courts for a Possession Order.

We have a duty to recover all rent owed to us to fund the services we provide. The Government also sets us limits on outstanding rent.