Home safety alarms

A range of alarms can be installed as part of Telecare to warn of potential problems with flooding, fire, gas and carbon monoxide leaks, or bogus callers. These are designed to help keep you safe in your home:

  • Smoke detector - The radio smoke detector raises an instant alarm call if it detects smoke, ensuring any potential fire situations are always responded to.
  • Carbon monoxide detector - Warns of dangerous carbon monoxide levels within a property, allowing the appropriate action to be taken.
  • Gas detector - When the natural gas detector detects natural gas leaks, an alarm will be raised. It can also be linked to a complete gas shut-off solution.
  • Flood detector - Provides an early warning by raising an alert of potential flood situations in the home.
  • Heat detector - Detects low, high or rapid rise of temperature within a property and raises the appropriate alert.
  • Bogus caller alarm - Fitted near a door, this discreet button can be used to call for assistance when a stranger asks to be let into a home.