Personal licence

A personal licence needs to be held by an individual to authorise the sale of alcohol in any premises.

It is a mandatory condition on all premises licences that the sale by retail of alcohol is only authorised when there is a designated premises supervisor (DPS) declared on the licence, and the person declared as the DPS holds a valid personal licence. The only exception to this is where the premises falls within the definition of a community building and has successfully applied to opt out of this mandatory condition. 

A personal licence lasts indefinitely unless it is surrendered or revoked.

Applicants must apply to the licensing authority where they are registered as living, not where they work

Application process

To apply for a personal licence you need to provide:

  • Fully completed and signed Personal Licence Application Form (doc, 84kb)
  • Fully completed and signed disclosure of convictions declaration form (docx, 27kb) 
  • Original copy of criminal records certificate (less than one calendar month old) You can apply for a basic check through the DBS
  • Original copy of an accredited qualification certificate personal licence accredited course providers
  • Two passport style photos, one of which needs to be endorsed as a true likeness by a professional person or a person of standing within the community
  • Licensing fee of £37.

Further details are available in the guidance notes (pdf, 210kb) and duties (pdf, 12kb)duties of a personal licence holder.

Refused applications

If you submit a valid application, and do not have any relevant offences, and have not forfeited a licence in the previous five years your application can not be refused. If you have relevant offences and the police object to the granting of your licence you will have the chance to address the Licensing Sub-Committee in the first instance. Any decision made by the Licensing Sub-Committee may be challenged in a Magistrates' Court.

Change of details

You are legally required to notify us as soon as possible if you change your name or address. Complete a change of personal licence details application form (doc, 243kb) with the fee of £10.50. A new licence will then be issued with the amended details.