Temporary event notice

A temporary event notice (TEN) permits an individual to hold regulated entertainment, sale by retail of alcohol or late night refreshment at any premises where the attendance will be less than 500 people. It means you do not need to go through a full premises licence application.

TENs are subject to the following restrictions:

  • An applicant must be 18 years of age.
  • A premises can only have 15 TENs per calendar year.
  • Each TEN can last up to 168 hours.
  • 24 hours must elapse between any two TENs submitted for the same premises, by the same person, or their associate.
  • A premises, whole or in part can only hold 21 event days per calendar year. A TEN going beyond midnight will be considered as two days.
  • A non-personal licence holder can only apply for five TENs in a calendar year, of which two may be late TENs.
  • A personal licence holder may apply for up to 50 TENs in a calendar year, of these 10 may be late TENs.
Tacit consent will apply

It is recommended that you provide as much notice as possible, but there is a statutory minimum notice period of 10 working days or five working days for late TENs not including the day of submitting the application and the day of the event itself. TENs submitted which do not comply with either of these notice periods will not be accepted and licensable activities will not be authorised at the event.

  • Application process
    You can apply and pay for a temporary event notice online. Our guidance notes (pdf, 100kb) are available to help you. If you submit a paper application (docx, 61kb) you must supply a copy of your application to the police and the Environmental Health department at the same time. This is not necessary when submitting your application online. The address details for the police and Environmental Health department are detailed below and are on the back of the application form.

    Derbyshire Constabulary
    Derby Divisional HQ
    St Mary’s Wharf
    Prime Park Way
    Chester Green
    DE1 3AB

    Email: DLIC@derbyshire.police.uk

    Environmental Health 
    South Derbyshire District Council
    Civic Offices
    Civic Way
    DE11 0AH

    Email: environmental.health@southderbyshire.gov.uk

    A TEN costs £21.
  • Failed applications
    If your TEN isn't accepted or you have submitted a late TEN and received a counter notice due to receiving an objection notice from the police or Environmental Health department, you do not have any form of redress against us.

    If you have submitted a standard TEN and receive a counter notice from us following the issue of an objection notice by the police or Environmental Health department, you may appeal this decision via the Magistrates' Court. An appeal may not be brought later than five working days before the day of the planned event.

    No refunds are available.
  • Date changes
    TENs cannot be moved to cover another event day or another premises. If your event day or premises changes you will need to apply for a new TEN enclosing the relevant licensing fee. You may cancel your TEN up to 24 hours before your planned event and the we will re-allocate the entitlement to the premises.

    No refunds on the original TEN are available in these circumstances.