Transfer or change of details

This information relates to anyone who wishes to transfer or change the details of their private hire vehicle licence.


It is possible to transfer a vehicle licence to another person. When a licence holder sells a licensed vehicle to another person, it is a requirement to notify us by completing a transfer application (doc, 244kb) This must be submitted within seven days of the transfer.

Because the vehicle is already known to us and there is no 'fit and proper' test for a vehicle, the applicant only needs to submit the following documents with the application form and the appropriate fee:

  1. Full V5C registration document for the proposed vehicle which must show that the vehicle is registered by the applicant
  2. Insurance certificate covering private hire work for all proposed drivers
  3. Meter calibration certificate (if installed and the vehicle has changed operators)
  4. Proof of road tax

If you are not able to submit the full V5 as the vehicle has just been purchased, the green slip will be sufficient for the application as proof of ownership of the vehicle. The full V5 must be submitted within two weeks of the grant of the licence.

We will accept copies of the insurance policy direct from the insurance company via email. An applicant is able to forward an email from the insurance company to us.

An application will only be considered valid once all the above items have been received. We can only determine valid applications and will aim to do so within five working days once all paperwork has been received

If the Depot test or MOT certificates are out of date then the transfer will not be determined until up-to-date versions have been provided.

Change of vehicle

If you change your vehicle then you must submit a new private hire application form (doc, 253kb)

Change of personal details

If your name or address changes, you must notify (pdf, 106kb) us in writing within 14 days of any changes. A fee of £10.50 is payable. In addition, you must provide proof of the change of name such as a marriage certificate or deed poll certificate. You will also need to provide your updated DVLA driving licence and, if you have a private hire vehicle licence, the updated V5 and insurance certificate.

Surrender of licence

If you wish to surrender your private hire vehicle licence, you must notify us in writing. The plate must be returned with the letter. If any refund is due, this must be asked for in writing. Refunds are calculated for full months following the reduction of administration costs.