New private hire operator's licence

Before we can grant a private hire operator’s licence, we must be satisfied that the applicant is, or applicants are, 'fit and proper' person(s).

To help us determine this, the applicant is required to submit the following documents, in addition to the prescribed application form (pdf, 170kb) and the appropriate fee:

  1. Basic DBS criminal record certificate for each applicant (less than three months old unless the applicant(s) is/are licensed as private hire driver(s) with this authority) A certificate will be required from all Directors and the Company Secretary if applying as a Company).
  2. Proof of planning permission for the proposed base
  3. Proof of contract in relation to the proposed base;
  4. Right to work documentation, such as passport or biometric residence permit
  5. Public liability insurance (if applicable)
  6. Employers’ liability insurance (if applicable)
  7. Current tariff (if any vehicles will have a meter).

Right to work

Your right to work in the UK will be checked as part of your licence application. This could include us checking your immigration status with the Home Office. We may otherwise share information with the Home Office. You must, therefore, provide a document or document combination that is suitable for this check.

You must provide the original document(s) indicated in the published guidance, such as your passport or biometric residence permit, so that the check can take place. The document(s) will be copied, with the original to be returned to you and the copy retained by us. The original document will be returned to you. Your application will not be considered valid until all the necessary information and original document(s) have been produced and the relevant fee has been paid.

If there are any restrictions on the length of time you may work in the UK, your licence will not be issued for longer than this period. In such circumstances, the check will be repeated each time you apply to renew or extend your licence. If during this period, you are disqualified from holding a licence because you have not complied with the UK’s immigration laws, your licence will lapse and you must return it to us. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.

An application will not be validated until all of the above documents have been received. Once a valid application has been received, we aim to determine your application within five working days

If granted, a private hire operator’s licence will be valid for five years.