Transfer or change of details


All private hire operator licences are issued to an individual, partnership or company once all those named on the application have been vetted through the strict application process. As a result, private hire operator’s licences are not transferable if the owner(s) of the business change.

Change of details

If the name or address of any person named on the licence changes or you wish to change the trading name, you must notify (pdf, 106kb) us in writing within 14 days with the relevant fee.

For a change of name or address of any person named on the licence, you must also provide proof of change, such as a marriage certificate or deed poll certificate. 

For a change of trading name, you will need to provide proof from Companies House (if applicable) and an updated public/employee’s liability insurance.

Change of operating base

The operator must notify us in writing of any change of trading or home address by submitting the necessary form within seven days of the change taking place. The operator must also provide proof of public liability insurance for the new premises, if members of the public will be allowed to enter, as well as proof of planning permission status and proof of contract for the proposed premises within seven days of the change taking place. A fee will be payable for the change of address.

Operators are reminded that it is their responsibility to obtain appropriate Planning and Building Control permissions for the premises