Past consultations on the Local Plan Part 1

Your neighbourhood consultation

The ‘Your Neighbourhood' consultation ran between February 8 and March 3, 2011 and was the third stage of consultation for the Local Plan. 

During 2011 the Coalition Government was beginning to make major changes to the planning system through the proposed Localism Act and the National Planning Policy Framework. The Derby Housing Market Area Authorities (South Derbyshire District Council, Derby City Council and Amber Valley Borough Council) therefore decided to move forward in a way that better supported localism. We divided the District into 11 areas (pdf, 79kb) and put together a profile for each. The consultation sought members of the public and stakeholders’ views on whether they agreed with our understanding of the issues facing each area. 

The area profiles detail each area’s main characteristics and included comments made by residents during earlier consultations. 

Each Area Profile comprised of a:

  • Summary leaflet: A summary of the Area Profile
  • Area Profile: Detailed information and the main characteristics of the area
  • Map of the area: A large-scale map showing the key facilities and other points of interest for the area
  • Technical appendix: A list of tables and other information that informed the area profile document.

The responses to the consultation can be found here and a summary of the consultation responses can be found here. (pdf, 1.5mb)







Southern villages: