Past consultations on the Local Plan Part 2

Initial consultation December 2015 Part 2 Sustainability Appraisal

We are currently receiving a high number of planning applications which is resulting in delays to our usual response times. We are determining applications and responding to enquiries in the order they are received. We will respond as soon as possible.

To comply with the requirements of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive and to ensure that all plans and policies are prepared in line with the principles of sustainable development, the Part 2 Local Plan must be subject to a sustainability appraisal (SA).

The objective of the SA is to assess the potential effects of the plans’ policies on the environmental, social and economic character of the area which it influences. The scoping report is the first stage of the appraisal process and allows us to decide on key issues which need to be considered in preparing the plan and ‘scope’ of the appraisal necessary in reviewing the plan.

We consulted on the scope of the document between November 17 and December 22, 2014. During this consultation we received responses regarding the scope and detail of the scoping report. We have now considered the comments received and have amended the scoping report accordingly.