Street cleaning

Keeping streets and other public spaces clean and tidy is one of our most important jobs.

To achieve high standards:

  • litter bins and dog hygiene bins are emptied every week
  • road channels are cleaned four times a year, main routes 11 times a year
  • footways are swept twice a year
  • depending on the area, we pick up litter once, three or 12 times a year
  • road drains are cleaned once a year; twice a year on major routes
  • bus shelters and lay-bys are cleaned four times a year

Swadlincote town centre and public toilets are cleaned every day except Sunday.

We work with Parish Councils to help keep areas tidy and free of litter. The Clean Team also cleans up litter and dog fouling promptly.

Street cleanliness is assessed every three months

Our street cleansing services include a Rapid Response Unit called the Clean Team to clean up fly-tipping, dog fouling, syringes, litter, fly-posting, graffiti or hazardous substances.

You can request the Clean Team online or by emailing

Clean Team request