Car parking

We have 19 free public car parks, containing 759 spaces, in the District for cars, small vans and motorbikes. The majority of these have spaces for disabled users. We have no provision for parking larger vehicles such as motor homes or HGVs.

The map below shows the locations of the car parks in South Derbyshire. 

Currently, no charges are made for parking in our car parks but some do have time limits. If you stay longer than allowed you will receive a parking ticket

The current provision within each of the car parks is as follows:

Location Address Disabled Spaces Total Spaces Time Limited Stay Enforced Restrictions Electric Charge Point(s)
Castle Gresley Arnold Close, DE11 9HF   0 18 No No 8 (7kW)
Findern Lower Green, DE65 6AD 0 9 No No 0
Hatton Station Road, DE65 5DW 0 30 No No 0
Hilton Main Street, DE65 5GG 0 19 No No 0
Melbourne High Street, DE73 8GN 7 89 No Yes 0
Repton     Burton Road, DE65 6FL 0 9 No No 0
Shardlow Wilne Lane, DE72 2HA No Markings No Markings No No 0
Swadlincote Alexandra Road, DE11 8JL 3 60 No Yes 0
Swadlincote Bus Station, Civic Way, DE11 0AA 5 75 3 hour Yes 1 (50kW)
Swadlincote East End Car Park, Civic Way, DE11 8LE 17 84 3 hour Yes 0
Swadlincote Council Offices and Greenbank Leisure Centre, Civic Way, DE11 9DA     5 82 Partially 3 hour Yes 0
Swadlincote Hill Street, DE11 8HL 2 21 No Yes 0
Swadlincote Market Street, DE11 9DD 3 44 No Yes 0
Swadlincote Rink Drive, DE11 8JL 8 94 No Yes 8 (7kW)
Ticknall Ingleby Lane, DE73 7JW No Markings No Markings No No 0
Woodville Blacksmiths Lane, DE11 7EF 0 26 No No 0

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Car parks in South Derbyshire