Past election results

Local District and Parish Elections 2019


District and parish elections are taking place in South Derbyshire on Thursday, May 2, 2019.

All 36 District council seats across the 15 wards are up for election along with the parishes. Parish polls will only be held where the election is contested.

To vote in these elections you must be on the electoral register. If you have moved recently or are otherwise not registered, you can register online.

Applications to register must be made no later than Friday, April 12, 2019 in order to vote on Thursday, May 2.

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on election day.

If you would like more information about these elections or on registering to vote, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (docx, 97kb) or get in touch by clicking the below green button.

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Telephone: 01283 595723 /595875 /595728

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Information for Candidates

Packs of nomination papers are available on request from Electoral Services. Completed papers may be delivered once the notice of election is published, and before the close of nominations which is 4pm on Wednesday,  April 3, 2019.

Nomination papers should be delivered to the address given on the Notice of Election. Several of the nomination papers must be delivered by hand.

Electoral Services will offer to informally check nomination papers before they are submitted. Prospective candidates are encouraged to make an appointment by calling 01283 595875 /595723.

The Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) (Amendment) (England) Rules 2018 have now been made and will apply for all parish elections held in England on or after May 2, 2019. These remove the requirement for candidates to have their home address published on the ballot paper and statement of persons nominated.
The Electoral Commission has updated nomination packs and parts 2a and 2b of its guidance for candidates and agents to reflect the amended regulations. If you had already downloaded a copy of the nomination packs from the Electoral Commission website, or parts 2a or 2b, please make sure you download the updated versions.

The Electoral Commission publishes guidance for candidates which is available from its website: Electoral Commission website.


South Derbyshire District Council Election 2019

Held on May 2, 2019


Julie Therese JACKSON Labour Party 196  
Steven MURPHY UKIP 112  
Andy ROBERTS Conservative Party 323 Elected


Lisa BROWN Conservative Party  1,343 Elected 
John Campbell MCCALLUM Labour Party 394  
David MULLER Conservative Party 1,180 Elected
Maureen TIMMINS Labour Party 344  


Andy BILLINGS Conservative Party  1,078 Elected
Steve Cooper  Labour Party 604  
David Frederick DICKINSON Labour Party 522  
Neil GAFFNEY UKIP Make Brexit Happen 384  
Julie PATTEN Conservative Party 1,186 Elected
David Henry PEACOCK Labour Party 536  
Jason WHITTENHAM Conservative Party  942 Elected

Newhall and Stanton

Sean Andrew BAMBRICK Labour Party 755 Elected
Alan Jack GRAVES UKIP Make Brexit Happen 434  
David LEWIS Conservative Party  558  
George MARSHALL Conservative Party 586  
Kevin John RICHARDS Labour Party 665 Elected
Linda STUART Labour Party 677 Elected
Barry WOODS Conservative Party 630  


Neil ATKIN Conservative Party 1,219 Elected
Peter Richard BONNELL Labour Party 602  
Daniel CORBIN Conservative Party  1,005 Elected
Alan Wayne GRAVES UKIP 555  
Lindsey Mary RILEY Labour Party 811  
Selby Peter WATSON Conservative Party  1,170 Elected
WILSON IAIN Labour Party 722  

Church Gresley

Aden HALLAM Conservative Party  573  
James Vincent NICHOLS UKIP 396  
Jane PERRY Conservative Party 578 Elected
Gordon Edgar RHIND Labour Party 615 Elected
Trevor SOUTHERD Labour Party 598 Elected
Stuart Thomas SWANN Conservative Party 571  
Sue TAYLOR Labour Party 554  



Andrew CHURCHILL Conservative Party 1,125 Elected
Kerry Marie HAINES Conservative Party 1,092 Elected
David Gerard OLIVER Labour Party 334  
Jo TAYLOR Labour Party 380  


David Charles ANGLISS Conservative Party  690 Elected
Paul DUNN Labour Party 683 Elected
Richard HALLBERG Conservative Party 602  
Gary MUSSON Conservative Party 572  
Jonathan PALMER UKIP Make Brexit Happen 431  
Robert William PEARSON Labour Party 670 Elected
Kalila Fiona STOREY Labour Party 614  


Barry Peter APPLEBY UKIP Make Brexit Happen 308  
Melanie BRIDGEN Conservative Party  571 Elected
Dan NEALE Labour Party 291  
Dan PEGG Conservative Party 681 Elected
Ben STUART Labour Party 387  

Willington and Findern

Martyn FORD Conservative Party 985 Elected
Michael Stanley Mark Simon GEE UKIP 302  
Ian Mark HUDSON Labour Party 556  
Carol Jane LARGE Labour Party 539  
Andrew David MACPHERSON Conservative Party 827 Elected


Jane Dunster CARROLL Labour Party 714  
Andrew Victor CLIFTON Labour Party 454  
Martin FITZPATRICK Conservative Party  866 Elected
Jim HEWLETT Conservative Party 1,008 Elected


Andrew BRADY Conservative Party 657 Elected
Steve FROST Labour Party 400  
Toni-Ann ROGERS Labour Party 303  
Sue WARD Social Democratic Party 251  
Amy WHEELTON Conservative Party 667 Elected


Michael DAWSON Conservative Party  601 Elected
Malc GEE Labour Party 621 Elected
Ann Mary GRAVES UKIP 342  
Maureen MYCOCK Conservative Party 546  
Eric PARKER Conservative Party 554  
Jade Alexandria TAFT Labour Party 570  
Steve TAYLOR Labour Party 645 Elected 


Martin Royce BATTESON UKIP Make Brexit Happen 455  
Lewis FRISBY Conservative Party 460  
Vonnie HEATH Labour Party 587 Elected
Mick MULGREW Labour Party 544 Elected
Neil Anthony TILLEY Labour Party 628 Elected
Lorraine WALKER Conservative Party 503  
Sandra WYATT Conservative Party 535  


Tarlochan Singh DARD Conservative Party 514  
Adele PABLA Conservative Party 415  
David Geoffrey SHEPHERD Labour Party 747 Elected
Lakhvinder Pal SINGH Labour Party 673 Elected