Clock is ticking to complete Connectivity Survey

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The clock is ticking for residents and businesses in South Derbyshire to give their thoughts on how well connected the District is.

More than 200 short surveys have already been completed to help better understand broadband, mobile phone coverage and travel needs.

Those who haven’t had the opportunity to provide their feedback are being urged to do so before the extended deadline of Sunday, December 10.

Complete the survey
Information gathered will help the South Derbyshire Partnership to influence and shape local policy, lobby providers and Government and bid for funding to bridge any gaps in provision.

Cllr Bob Wheeler, Chairman of the South Derbyshire Partnership, which consists of organisations from the public, private and voluntary/community sector, said:

"We would ask people to complete our survey so we can better understand existing connectivity limitations and where improvements could be made.

“This will ensure we can exert as great an influence as possible to further improve the social and economic prosperity of South Derbyshire.”

The questionnaire – available at - takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete and results will be shared following analysis.

30 November 2017