Change of address

If you are a council tax payer, please fill in our online form to let us know you have:

  • moved out of the district
  • moved to a new property within the district
  • if someone moves in with you or leaves the property

If you are a new resident and have just moved into the district, please also fill in our online form to let us know you have moved in, so we can set up your council tax account.

It is important you tell us as soon as you an because the amount of council tax you may need to pay is not the same at every property, and if you receive or are entitled to council tax reduction, a discount or exemption, we may pay you too much, or not enough. If you don’t let us know and we find out later you may miss out on a refund, or owe us money.

We prefer to be notified within 21 days of moving in or out, particularly if moving to a new build so we can advise our refuse team to begin bin collections.

Report a change of address