Being a good neighbour

Playing music? Having a bonefire? Having a Fireworks display?

For music, there are no specific levels at which anyone can play music or generate noise. Things to consider are:

  • How loud the noise is. If it can be clearly heard outside of your property or through an adjoining wall, then it is probably too loud and may become a nuisance.
  • The time of day or night. If the noise is occurring during the middle of the night then it is more likely to cause a disturbance.
  • The duration and frequency. If the noise is happening on a regular basis it will be more likely to cause disturbance.
  • The nature of the music. Some types of music and systems can produce very high bass levels. This low frequency noise can travel further distances, particularly through walls, causing a lot of disturbance due to its 'thudding' nature.

For Bonfires, we ask residents not to burn and utilise Green bin collections and/or household recycling centres. Burning is not permitted in smoke controlled areas and if you wish to have a bonfire, please follow our guidance here

For Fireworks, be courteous to others and consider time, length and frequency of using fireworks domestically or for public displays. We operate a voluntary registration scheme for organisers of firework displays and bonfires - click here to notify us

Being considerate to others

Here are some tips to help you be a good neighbour:

  • Music - Keep the volume as low as possible, especially at night, and consider using headphones. Ensure the bass is controlled.
  • DIY - Limit the use of noisier operations to the day and let your neighbours know beforehand if you are carrying out such work.
  • Alarms - Ensure burglar alarms are fitted with a 20 minute cut-off device and the names of two key-holders are lodged with the police.
  • Parties (incl. fireworks) - Keep music turned down, think of pets and time of day for any fireworks, go home quietly and ensure the neighbours are aware beforehand that you are having a party.
  • Dogs - Don't let your dog bark or whine for long periods. Check with your neighbours whether it is causing a problem or not.
  • Cars - Don't rev the engine excessively, only use the horn for emergencies and ensure music levels are kept down.
  • Domestic appliances - Keep washing machines away from party walls and place them on carpet/rubber mats to reduce vibration.
  • Lawn mowers - Mow the lawn and use garden power tools at a reasonable time - not early mornings or late at night.
  • TV - Keep the volume at a level that you can hear comfortably but which cannot be heard in the adjacent property.
  • Children - If children are playing outside, ensure they are considerate to other neighbours, especially when throwing/kicking balls