Noise complaints

Noise nuisance is covered by Part III of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This law empowers local authorities to deal with noise from fixed premises.

Before action can be taken we have to be sure that the noise constitutes a statutory nuisance. This means that we must prove that the noise is having an unreasonable impact on the health of the person affected or unreasonable impact on the use or enjoyment of their home.

Noisy neighbours

Excessive noise from neighbours e.g. loud music and DIY, can cause unnecessary stress and worry.

In many cases, the person making the noise is unaware that they are causing a problem and therefore speaking with them can sort the problem out quickly

Where this approach fails, we can try to find a solution. If further action is needed, we will investigate to see if the noise is so bad that it meets the statutory nuisance criteria. If it does, we can take legal action to make the person causing the noise to reduce it so it is no longer a nuisance.

In a few cases where there is no indication that a noise will stop (typically intruder alarms with no known keyholders), we can take immediate action ourselves to turn the noise off.

Commercial noise

Noise from commercial premises e.g. noisy machinery, pubs and clubs, factories, is often dealt with in the same way as domestic premises. In some cases we may not need to prove a statutory nuisance where the premises hold a licence with a specific condition about noise.

Construction sites are a common source of noise pollution. We have created a Developer’s guide to noise (pdf, 532kb) and a Householders’ guide to construction noise (pdf, 516kb) to provide advice on this.

Aircraft noise

We have no direct responsibility in relation to noise from aircraft. However, we liaise with North West Leicestershire District Council with regards to East Midlands Airport and can offer further information.

Barking dogs

Barking is a normal dog behaviour which can become a nuisance. It can disturb neighbours, keep owners up at night or frighten visitors. Read our Barking dogs (pdf, 145kb) leaflet for advice.