Anti-social behaviour

During the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic you can still report anti-social behaviour and other breaches of tenancy to us. Unfortunately, we may not be able to visit you or other tenants to investigate these matters. We will try to resolve any issues by phone or email.
We are committed to doing all we reasonably can to tackle anti-social behaviour and contribute to creating a culture of respect.


Most complaints we receive are neighbour disputes involving;

  • one-off parties or incidents of inconsiderate behaviour
  • dogs barking
  • loud music
  • disturbances in the night, often shouting
  • children causing nuisance by playing football in the street
  • parking issues

Your role

First, try talking to your neighbour.

They may not even realise they have caused a problem for you. Try to do it when you are calm, not in the heat of the moment.

If this doesn't work, report it online or contact your Housing Officer.

Report anti-social behaviour
You can record ongoing incidents of anti-social behaviour on a diary sheet (pdf, 43kb) to build up evidence against those responsible.

Our action

Your Housing Officer will visit your neighbour to discuss the complaint but will not say who made the complaint unless you agree we can. We do this to give them the chance to change their behaviour.

If incidents continue we will ask you to fill in diary sheets and arrange to meet you to review these and tell you what we will do next.

Serious incidents

Although rare in our District, some residents may be victims of more serious anti-social behaviour.

This can include issues such as:

  • heated verbal arguments
  • threats or threatening behaviour
  • harassment
  • actual violence
  • intimidation from groups or individuals
  • criminal activity
For more serious forms of anti-social behaviour, telephone the police on 101 or 999 immediately

If you are unsure about reporting incidents, discuss this with us, don't ignore it.

Further information on anti-social behaviour can be found by visiting our Crime and community safety section.