Preventing condensation

Mouldy Matters

Internal condensation causes damage to internal decoration and mould growth. This can lead to respiratory illness and devalue a property. We receive hundreds of complaints from tenants and owner occupiers, yet the solutions are often cheap and simple.

Our Condensation: Advice for Householders leaflet (pdf, 157kb) contains more information about preventing and dealing with the problem.

Prevention tips:

  • Reduce the amount of water vapour that is created by boiling saucepans, tumble driers, drying damp clothes.
  • Ventilate rooms properly; use extractor fans and open windows.
  • Provide enough heating to keep room surfaces reasonably warm.

Mould growth

Any sign of mould growth indicates the presence of moisture. This may or may not be due to condensation. If it is caused by condensation then it’s a warning that heating, structural insulation or ventilation, or all three, need improvement.