Empty properties or untidy sites

Boarded up houses and derelict or untidy sites are unsightly, may attract vermin, rubbish, graffiti and vandalism and can have a negative effect on the value of neighbouring properties.

We are committed to working with the community and agencies to bring empty properties in South Derbyshire back into use

When an empty home or untidy site is reported, we categorise it by assessing the degree to which it is causing problems in the neighbourhood and the length of time it has stood empty. We try to trace the owner and bring the home back into use through sale, repair or lease.

In the case of an untidy site, we will work with the owner to try to deal with the problem. If there are problems of nuisance or vermin infestation we can require the owner to deal with those problems before a longer-term solution can be found.

Where an owner cannot be traced (or is uncooperative) we have a range of enforcement powers, which include Compulsory Purchase and Empty Dwelling Management Orders. 

If you have a problem with an empty property or untidy site near you, report it online.

Report an empty property or untidy site
If you are the owner of an empty property, the following options could be available to you:

  • sale to a registered social landlord
  • demolition and sale of plot
  • letting to a private tenant
  • appointment of a managing agent
  • short-term leasing arrangement

Our Empty Homes Toolkit (pdf, 203kb) will help you get the right valuation of your property. It also offers advice on becoming a first time landlord, links to letting agents, help with getting a house to auction and a breakdown of financial support available.

Contact us for professional help and advice on bringing empty properties back into residential use.