Gaming permits

Permits are issued to premises that either offer very low-stakes and prize gambling or premises whose primary function is not the provision of gambling facilities.

Premises eligible to apply to licensing authorities for permits are:

  • Unlicensed family entertainment centres
  • Alcohol licensed premises (under the Licensing Act 2003)
  • Clubs (commercial and non commercial)
  • Premises offering commercial prize gambling.

We issue the following types of permit:

  1. Unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permits
  2. Prize gaming permits
  3. Licensed premises gaming machine permits
  4. Club gaming permits and club machine permits.

There are no annual fees for unlicensed family entertainment centre permits and prize gaming permits. Alcohol licensed premises and club gaming/machine permits require payment of an annual fee. Application forms can be found to the right of the page.

The Gambling Commission has further information on gaming permits or you can contact us for further information.