Renew a private hire driver's licence

All licence holders will be sent a reminder letter to the registered address held on their file two months before their existing licence runs out - this is a courtesy and it is the licence holder’s responsibility to submit an application before the expiry of the current licence.

In addition to completing the renewal application form (pdf, 192kb) and paying the appropriate fee, the following supporting documentation must be submitted for the application to be considered valid:

  1. Current full UK or EU driving licence
  2. Passport-style colour photo which must reflect your current image
  3. DVLA check code 
  4. Tax check code

If your medical or eye examination certificate are due to expire, they will be be required. The renewal letter will state if the documents are due to expire.

It is a requirement of the Private Hire Licensing Policy that licensed drivers carry out safeguarding refresher training every 3 years.  You can book on refresher training at safeguarding-elearning | THE BLUE LAMP TRUST Your reminder letter will state if your safeguarding training is due.

An application will only be considered valid once all the items required have been received.

We aim to determine valid applications within 10 working days

Tax Conditionality Checks

From 4th April 2022, it is a requirement to provide a tax check code as part of your renewal application.  You can generate a tax check code using this link and writing on your application form.  Your application will not be processed until this check code has been provided.

The new requirements have been put in place by the Government to ensure everyone pays the tax they should, creating a level playing field for the compliant majority.

Please be advised the Licensing Authority will not see details of an applicant's tax affairs. The check code will just confirm the applicant is registered with the HMRC for tax purposes.  For more details, please find the Tax Check Factsheet (pdf, 37kb) attached.

Online criminal record check

We carry out a criminal record check every 6 months and require that all licensed drivers are signed up to the DBS online checking service

You must ensure that you are signed up for the DBS online checking service at all times whilst licensed.  Please note that the annual fee for the DBS online checking service is taken via a continuous payment authority from your debit card rather than a direct debit so you must inform the DBS direct if your card details change.  Failure to be signed up to the online checking service will result in the suspension of the private hire driver’s licence.