Check if planning permission is needed

We are currently receiving a high number of planning applications which is resulting in delays to our usual response times. We are determining applications and responding to enquiries in the order they are received. We will respond as soon as possible.

It is important for householders and businesses to find out if you need planning permission before you make improvements or changes to a property.


We offer planning and building regulations guidance for many common building work projects. You can also check other important matters you should think about before starting work.

Restricted Permitted Development rights

In some cases we may have restricted or removed Permitted Development rights for a particular area, building or piece of land. This is normally done to protect the character of the area.  If the restrictions are for a particular building, they will be shown on the original planning permission for the property as a condition. If the restrictions are for an area, they will be in the form of an Article 4 Direction.

Householder planning permission enquiry
Enquiries relating to whether you need permission for the creation or alteration of an access (‘dropped kerb’ enquiries) will not generally be dealt with. For this we have a Standing Advice Note. (pdf, 162kb)


The construction of new buildings nearly always needs planning permission, although some warehouse and industrial buildings and alterations are classed as 'permitted development'.

Planning permission is often not needed if you want to work from home. If you are a Council tenant, see our Running a business from your Council home page.

A wide range of advice is also available on common building work projects.

If you are in doubt as to whether you need to apply for planning permission you can enquire by clicking on the green button below. If you are proposing to change the use of premises or land, you can also find out whether this will need planning permission or not.

Non-householder planning permission enquiry
If you do require planning permission, we offer pre-application advice to householders and businesses. This is a way of finding out whether a proposed development would be likely to be acceptable and what the key issues will be before the submission of a formal application.