SnapBox for residents

Asking for your leftovers is a good thing -  it helps save you money as you can eat the food later instead of buying more and it makes sure our local tasty fare does not go to waste.

Most cafes or restaurants will have something to wrap leftovers in, even if it is just foil.

If you sign up to SnapBox, we want to know a little bit about you and your eating out experiences. In return, you get:

  • Free flat-pack SnapBox containers to take food home while you’re out
  • Entered into a prize draw for every picture posted to our Facebook group with the hashtag #SnapBox@Home
  • A variety of handy hints and tips for using up leftovers via the Sainsbury's Food Rescue Scheme

Once you get home with your SnapBox container, chill, freeze or heat before eating as soon as possible.

Note the date/time and:

  • chill food which was served hot within two hours
  • chill food which was served cold within four hours
  • eat chilled leftovers within two days
  • only reheat once and ensure the food is steaming hot throughout

You are advised to avoid keeping or reheating leftover rice.

To sign up to SnapBox, and receive your free containers, email