Swadlincote Woodlands

Nowhere brings The National Forest to life quite like the Swadlincote Woodlands.

With 40,000 trees, interpretative boards and a variety of features, it is easy to forget this was once a landfill and open cast site. The 80 acre park has developed a great deal over the last 10 years and now offers a play area, orienteering course, (pdf, 3mb)with questions (pdf, 100kb) and answers (pdf, 11kb) picnic tables and a climbing rock. Spectacular views can be found overlooking the town. There is also a new Orienteering Challenge for 2021 (docx, 324kb)

Walks abound on a network of footpaths that criss-cross, with two trails waiting to be explored:

It is also worth keeping an eye out for the many plants and animals that can be found in and around the ponds and meadows on site.

You can find out what awaits in our map of the site (pdf, 581kb) and Parklife leaflet. (pdf, 1.9mb) There is also opportunity to take free wood fuel home through our community events and activities.

If you wish to get involved with the upkeep of the site, The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) hold monthly activities. These include woodland thinning, coppicing and hedge laying and watercourse management. Telephone Kay Thompson on 07740 899 693, or 01283 215882, or email kay.thompson@tcv.org.uk.

Cycling at Swadlincote Woodlands
Swadlincote Woodlands