We know how important memorials are as a lasting symbol of remembrance. We provide help to make sure that all memorials meet cemetery regulations.

All headstones, memorials and inscriptions are subject to approval by the cemetery officer

Applications to erect a memorial should be submitted through our memorial application form, (pdf, 227kb) with details being completed by both yourself and your appointed memorial mason.

All memorials must be erected in accordance with the National Association of Memorial Masons Code of Working Practice. Any memorials that do not comply may be removed and action may be taken against the installer.

Memorials, vases, plaques and their inscriptions are only permitted on purchased grave plots.

All headstones must have the appropriate grave number engraved into the base.

Additional information on memorials and regulations within our cemetries can be found in our Choosing a Memorial Information Sheet (pdf, 122kb) and our Memorials and Monumental Inscriptions document. (pdf, 156kb)

Memorial testing will be carried out periodically within all our cemeteries. Notices will be displayed in each cemetery giving the dates of these inspections. Further details are available in our Cemetery Memorial Safety Programme.

Lawn cemeteries

Etwall, Marston-on-Dove and Newhall Cemeteries are designated lawn cemeteries. Lawn graves are designed on the war grave principle (to have only a memorial of limited size at the head of the grave with the rest of the grave laid to lawn).

These graves are sold on the understanding that only lawn-style memorials are erected.