What we treat

We provide a pest control service, both domestic and commercial, for rats, mice and most insects. We also enforce legislation relating to infestations on land or in premises. The pest control services we provide are on a not-for-profit basis.


Common rats live in any situation that provides food, water and shelter. The common rat is the most widespread of its species and is widely found in urban and rural areas. In homes they will live in loft spaces, wall cavities, cellars or under floorboards. In gardens, they will burrow into compost heaps and grassy banks or under sheds. They are also commonly found living in sewer systems.


The house mouse can be found in a wide range of urban and rural buildings, although it may live for part of the year outdoors. Mice live in nests, often built inside houses, especially during the winter. Nests are built wherever there is access to a source of food. Spaces under the floor and lofts are favoured places for nests, which are built out of cloth, wool and paper. House mice can cause damage by eating, gnawing and contaminating foods. They urinate constantly and carry diseases such as salmonella.


There are several species of wasp. Some are solitary and others are social and build large nests. The most popular are the Common Wasp and the German Wasp, both of which can nest underground, in trees or in cavities, garden sheds and roof spaces. They can become a problem when they nest in and around domestic properties, especially in late summer when they are irritable with the onset of cooler weather and are feeding on over-ripe fruit juices.


Cockroaches are insects which are between 10 - 23 mm in length with antennae and two pairs of wings. They can be found in premises where food is stored or handled. They are nocturnal insects and will spend most of the day hiding in cracks and around drains and service ducting. Cockroaches carry food poisoning germs and are responsible for the spread of dysentery and gastroenteritis. Contamination will occur when the insect comes into contact with food or work surfaces or through faecal contamination of food.

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Pest control fees and charges vary depending on the pest and if the call is from a domestic or commercial customer

Treatments can be arranged by telephoning 01283 595795 during normal working hours. Our staff will provide advice and make an appointment if you wish.

Our officers call by prior appointment and apply safe and effective treatments. If for any reason the problem persists they will return and make every effort to ensure the pest is eradicated.