Emergency out-of-hours repairs

We operate an emergency repair service to deal with specified repairs outside of normal working hours.

The types of repair that fall into this category are:

  • insecure property 
  • gaining access (you may be recharged)
  • dangerous flooring or stairs 
  • total loss of water supply 
  • uncontrollable water leaks 
  • blocked toilets or soil and vent pipes (if only one in the property) 
  • blocked drains (if backing up) 
  • missing inspection chamber covers 
  • severely damaged or dangerous roofs 
  • electrics sparking or smoking, or bare wires 
  • total loss of electric power 
  • blocked chimney to open fire 

Loss of heating or hot water is not an emergency. If, however, either you or a member of the household is 'put at risk' by the loss of heating due to age or illness, please let the operator know and they will try to arrange the loan of a temporary heating supply.

While every effort will be made to rectify the problem with a permanent repair at the first visit, this may not always be possible. Our staff will, at the very least, make the situation safe.

If you need to report an out-of-hours emergency repair, please call 01332 912642.

The operator will ask some questions to help with the identification of the problem and our initial response. Wait for the operator to complete the process or they may not be able to respond to your request for emergency assistance.

You should remember that if we attend an emergency and you are responsible for the repair, you will be charged for the repair and for the call out.

When you report a problem to us and we agree it is an emergency we are obliged to attend and make the property safe.