Alterations by a tenant

You have the right to carry out improvements to your Council property, such as fitting a new bathroom suite or replacing kitchen units.

You must ask for permission first and carry out any work according to the guidelines we give you. 

We will not refuse permission unreasonably, but may make certain conditions. We will only refuse permission if the work would cause us expense, make it difficult to let the property in the future or result in complaints from other residents.

If the proposed work requires planning permission or Building Control, you must seek this before we give the go-ahead. 

If you are given permission, we expect the work to be done to a high standard using proper materials. We may allow you to undertake the work yourself if you have the appropriate skills, but we expect large projects to be carried out by qualified traders. 

Introductory tenants do not have the right to alter or add anything to the property.

Contact us to apply for permission to carry out your own alterations, giving full details of what you propose to do.

Information on minor adaptations and disability grants can be found in our equipment and adaptations in your home section.