Past consultations on the Local Plan Part 2

Pre-submission Local Plan Part 2

We are currently receiving a high number of planning applications which is resulting in delays to our usual response times. We are determining applications and responding to enquiries in the order they are received. We will respond as soon as possible.

Between October 14 and December 7, 2016, we consulted on our Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 2 and accompanying supporting documents.

The Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 2 comprises non-strategic housing allocations (sites for less than 100 dwellings), defines settlement boundaries and contains development management policies (policies to be used in the determination of planning applications).

The accompanying supporting documents consulted upon were:

  • Sustainability Appraisal (SA) - this assesses the environmental, economic and social impact that the Local Plan as a whole will have on the District.
  • Consultation Statement - this outlines the consultations that have been undertaken previously, together with how the District Council consulted, and presents a summary of the main issues raised.

Representations made at this stage were in regards to soundness or legal and procedural compliance, including whether the Plan conforms with the Duty to Co-operate.

The responses to the consultation can be found here.