Past consultations on the Local Plan Part 2

Main Modifications Consultation Local Plan Part 2

We are currently receiving a high number of planning applications which is resulting in delays to our usual response times. We are determining applications and responding to enquiries in the order they are received. We will respond as soon as possible.

The South Derbyshire Local Plan Part 2 was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination on January 24, 2017 and the examination hearing sessions took place in April 2017.

The inspector invited comments on the main modifications to the South Derbyshire Local Plan Part 2 - Submission Version from July 7 until 5pm on Friday, August 18.

Main modifications are those which the inspector considers are necessary to make the plan sound and/or legally compliant. The proposed main modifications are without prejudice to the inspector’s final conclusions on the Local Plan Part 2.

The following documents were available for consultation:

  • Schedule of Main Modifications
  • Sustainability Appraisal Update - July 2017

We also published:

  • A schedule of minor modifications which are minor changes to update the plan, to correct errors and to provide clarification in interpreting policies in the plan. 
  • A schedule of policy map modifications, which are proposed changes to the policies maps.

Neither of these documents relate to the soundness or legal compliance of the plan. They are published alongside the main modifications for clarity. Representations were not sought on them.

Any issues raised regarding the main modifications or updated sustainability appraisal will be considered as written representations by the inspector. Further hearings will only be scheduled exceptionally.

We undertook several consultations when developing the Local Plan Part 2, details of which can be viewed in this section.