Missed or damaged bins

All bins should be ready for collection before 6am.

We will not be able to empty a bin or caddy if they contain the wrong items. Check our guide to what goes in which bin if you are unsure.

A sticker or a bin hanger will be placed on your bin to notify you of any problem items. We will empty the bin or caddy on the next collection once these are removed.

If your bin was out for collection before 6am and there is no sticker or hanger on the bin informing you why it has not been emptied, telephone Customer Services on 01283 595795 or email customer.services@south-derbys.gov.uk so the matter can be looked into.

Bins that go missing on collection day or ones damaged by our collection vehicle are replaced free of charge. Contact us to arrange a collection if your bin has been damaged.

If the bin is damaged or has gone missing under other circumstances you have to pay for a replacement.