Fixed Penalty Notices

When and how we issue FPNs

A FPN will only be issued;

  1. When the person receiving it admits to the offence
  2. When the investigating officer thinks that a fixed penalty is the most reasonable way to deal with the offence 

All FPNs are issued in the form of a paper copy, the person receiving the notice gets the original and the Council keeps two copies. The FPN has a unique serial number which gives the name of the recipient and states who has issued the FPN and why it has been issued.

Only authorised officers can issue a FPN. They must always carry identification and evidence that they are authorised by the Council to enforce the relevant law. FPNs are either issued in person or via the post.

Our officers will never ask for payment on the spot.  

We won’t issue an FPN to anyone under the age of 10. In these circumstances we will generally work with the parents to deal with the offending behaviour.

For offenders between the ages of 10 and 16 we will only issue FPNs in exceptional circumstances and we will work with both the youth offending team and children’s services.